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What is GKS?

In every aspect, the world is getting closer together.
Within this process, Korea is experiencing something unprecedented. Korea recently has been receiving worldwide attention in terms of economic growth, democratization, Korean wave, and inter-Korean relations. Besides, never before was a nation that has exchanged with so many others on the globe than today’s Korea. These realities make it desperate to nurture talented people capable of viewing today’s Korea both historically and globally while pondering over making Korea an embracing, harmonizing nation.

Hence, we have taken the initiative of establishing the major of Global Korean Studies, under the School of Integrated Knowledge, to lead the production and education of knowledge about Korea, demand of which is increasing dramatically. Global Korean Studies is an academic field to study the global construction of Korea rather than Korea in isolation from the world. Hence, GKS students learn Korea constructing the world as well as Korea constructed and understood by the world through the internationalised curriculum taught in English. Our mission is to support GKS students to become a leader of producing knowledge of Korea in the 21st century as engaged and creative global citizens by offering GKS students an integrated study of Korea from a global perspective.

GKs major has various courses to equip GKS students with the ability and insight to mediate communication between Korea and the global community. They are trans-disciplinary in contents and methods. Prime universities around the world recognize the barriers between academic disciplines as a barrier against the pursuit of better knowledge and technology. They strive to nurture talented students who can integrate knowledge and technology developed throughout human civilisations to attain, produce and use new knowledge. GKS students integrate socio-humanistic and data-scientific methods in studying economic, artistic, political, literary, linguistic, technological and other various aspects of Korea. In so doing, GKS students will be familiarised with the skills used in digital humanities and data science such as information mining and big data analysis to learn and produce knowledge of Korea, in addition to reading, writing, analysing, theorising and critiquing skills necessary to the traditional liberal art education. As Global Korean Studies is a “field” of integrating, we focus on raising students’ awareness in problem-solving, and equipping them with the ability to conduct independent research rather than delivering knowledge — disciplines.

The department of GKS aims at cultivating students skilled in focusing on humanity’s harmony in the fields of cultural exchange, ODA(Official Development Assistance), and public diplomacy. No matter whether within Korea or abroad, GKS students will be able to play a great role in the press, governmental agencies, social organizations, enterprises, international organizations, and many others. Besides, recently, the worldwide demand for education in Korean Studies is increasing rapidly. To meet the needs, after a rigorous academic training, GKS students can focus on educating and studying in the field of Korean Studies.

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