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Our Mission

In the global age, the demand for knowledge of Korea comes from not only Korea but also, more importantly, the global community. 

One cannot respond to it properly without a global perspective. At the same time, our response to the increasing demand requires a set of in-depth knowledge about Korea whose development is embedded in differentiated values, history, and social relations.  

We believe that knowledge producers equipped with both in-depth knowledge of Korea and a global perspective can connect Korea understood by Koreans and Korea known to the world. We strive to nurture such global Korea experts who can lead the production of knowledge and information about Korea for the global community.  

Our mission is to support GKS students to become a leader of producing knowledge of Korea in the 21st century as engaged and creative global citizens by offering GKS students an integrated study of Korea from a global perspective. GKs students study the global construction of Korea - Korea constructed by the world, Korea constructing the world and Korea understood by the world. English as the teaching medium helps our students to understand the ways in which Knowledge and information about Korea is produced, understood and discussed across the world. In so doing, GKS students have an opportunity to stand at a hub of international discourse regarding Korea.  Through the curriculum, GKS students develop uniquely broad perspective and international sense, as well as exceptional analytical strategies and global communication skills. GKS courses allow students to gain a deep knowledge about Korea along with the practical skills of knowledge production and documentation, curation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, critical argument and creative expression.

As future global experts of Korea, GKS graduates can work wherever knowledge and information about Korea are needed. They can become leaders in governmental and non-governmental organisations for public diplomacy, foreign corporations in Korea and Korean firms abroad, global and Korean media and journalism, UN and other international organisations, academia, publishing, creative industries and Korea-related data production and analysis, bringing knowledge of Korea to the world and knowledge of the world to Korea.


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