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International Public Forum: The collapse of Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy Dam in …

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The Coordinated Response Team of the Korean Civil Societies

for the Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy Dam Collapse


Laos Dam Investment Monitor (LDIM)


An International Public Forum


The collapse of Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy Dam in Laos,

Voices from the ground and Korea


 (Public Forum Ⅱ from “The mysteries of the hydropower plant business in Laos: Foreign companies, official development aid, energy plans and the collapse of Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam” held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 9th August 2018)



■ Background and Objectives

l    On July 23, 2018, about 5 billion cubic meters of water struck in 13 villages resulting in the disappearance of hundreds and about a million victims were displaced due to the collapse of the Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy Hydropower Dam’s subsidiary dam in Attapeau Province, south east of Laos.

l    The Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy Dam project was jointly promoted with the Korean government and enterprises. This was the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) sponsored by Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) from the Export-Import Bank of Korea. SK Engineering and Construction (SK E&C) and Korean Western Power (KOWEPO) participated in a consortium with Ratchaburi Electricity, a subsidiary of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), to design, procure, and construct the dam (SK E&C) and manage the operation for 27 years after the construction (KOWEPO).

l    The Korean civil society emphasized the Korean society be obliged to take responsibility in the process of resolving the accident and decided to temporarily operate ‘Laos Xe Pien-Xe Nam Noy Dam Collapse Response TF of Korean Civil Society’ (hereafter ‘Korean Civil Society TF’). Korean Civil Society TF would like to cooperate with the domestic and international civil society groups that support victims to identify the exact cause and to support the restoration of the lives of the affected area and the residents.

l    The Korean Civil Society TF held a press conference on August 9th to address the issue of the incident and to present the TF’s plan and requirements. About 60 people, including 15 medias, attended the press conference and 10 news articles were reported.

l    On the same day, Laos Dam Investment Monitor (hereafter ‘LDIM’), the Bangkok-based  “People-driven Network” which was formed immediately after the accident for the realization of the accident and improvement of the action, policy and system in relation to the investment of the large-scale hydropower dam in Laos. LDIM held a public forum to discuss the accident and the issues of the hydropower project in Mekong region including Laos and its transnational influence.

l    LDIM and other international civil society in the Mekong region are keep watching the responses of Korean government and enterprises and urging them to take more active actions and responsibility. Accordingly, Korean Civil Society TF, as a partner and member of LDIM, is seeking to hold a second public forum in Korea with LDIM to repsond to the voices of ground and international civil society. 

l    This public forum is to deliver the voices from the ground and ask for continuous support and solidarity of Korean society. In addition, in order to prevent the recurrence of tragedy, we plan to seek ways to improve PPP projects and other large-scale overseas development projects in institutional and political ways.


■ Forum Outline



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