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We are opening MA in Global Korean Studies

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The Department of Global Korean Studies (GKS) nurtures engaged, creative, global citizens and leaders of twenty-first century knowledge production through an integrated study of Korea from a global perspective. GKS students gain not only an extensive knowledge of Korea but also learn how knowledge about Korea is produced, both in Korea and around the world. The opportunity to understand the diverse ways that Korea is known, situates GKS students at a hub of international discourse. Studying at this global intersection, GKS students develop uniquely broad international perspectives, as well as exceptional analytical and communication skills. A deep knowledge of Korea and the practical skills of knowledge production—documentation and curation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, argument and creative expression as they are practiced with millennia-old and next-generation technologies—equips and positions students in GKS to become global leaders of twenty-first century knowledge creation. As future leaders in academia, creative industries, information technology, publishing, global journalism, government and non-governmental organizations, and entrepreneurship, GKS graduates bring knowledge of Korea to the world and a knowledge of the world to Korea





Korean studies is inherently global. “Han’gukhak,” frequently translated “Korean studies,” is a misnomer. Koreanists do not just study “Han’guk (South Korea).” Rather they investigate the vast variety of phenomenon that can be associated with evolving ideas associated with “Korea,” ideas generated in the two Korea’s and their historical predecessors, as well as ideas from around the world. The Master’s program in Global Korean Studies trains students to be domain experts as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborators capable of conducting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research with collaborators around the world


Residence—The Master’s in Global Korean Studies is a two-year program. Students will be expected to be in residence at Sogang for at least two semesters. Students will be strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester at a Sogang-affiliated university in Asia. ◊ Courses—Students will be required to complete a minimum of twenty-four credits that satisfy Department of Global Korean Studies requirements, including one course designated by the program as mandatory.


Language(s)—Courses in the Department of Global Korean Studies are taught in English. However, Korean language skills are required to successfully participate. Students, therefore, are expected to have native or near-native fluency in English or Korean and working knowledge of both languages before entering the Master’s Program in Global Korean Studies. Students will be encouraged to learn a second East Asian language, especially during the time they spend abroad.


General Examination and Thesis —Students are required to submit an application for a thesis advisor at the end of their second term that includes an abstract of the student’s proposed thesis and the fields of the student's comprehensive examination. To pass their comprehensive examinations, which will be conducted in English and Korean, students will need to demonstrate mastery of topics covered in KOS6001 and in their chosen fields. Students must submit an approved thesis that meets the Department of Global Korean Studies standards for a master’s thesis


It’s Global.

The Master’s Program in Global Korean Studies has an exchange program at its foundation. Students in the program will be encouraged to spend as much as one year abroad as part of their Master’s Degree in Global Korean Studies at Sogang’s renown partner universities in Asia and around the world.


It’s Inter & Transdisciplinary.

As part of Sogang’s School of Integrated Knowledge, the Department of Global Korean Studies offers a truly trans/interdisciplinary education to students attending its Master’s Program.


It’s Multilingual.

English-language courses in Global Korean Studies engage advanced topics related to Korea and the Korean language while encouraging students to investigate Korea from global linguistic perspectives.


Application Deadlines for Korean Citizens and  International Students




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