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Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture engaged, creative, global citizens and leaders of 21st century knowledge production through an integrated study of Korea from a global perspective. GKS students gain not only an extensive knowledge of Korea but also learn how knowledge about Korea is produced, both in Korea and around the world. The opportunity to understand the diverse ways that Korea is known on the peninsula and around the world, situates GKS students at a hub of international discourse. Studying at this global intersection, GKS students develop uniquely broad international perspectives, as well as exceptional analytical and communication skills. A deep knowledge of Korea and the practical skills of knowledge production—documentation and curation, quantitative and qualitative analysis, argument and creative expression as they are practiced with millennia-old and next-generation technologies at the global crossing marked by Korea—equips and positions students in GKS to become global leaders of 21st century knowledge creation. As future leaders in academia, creative industries, information technology, publishing, global journalism, government and non-governmental organizations, and entrepreneurship, GKS graduates bring knowledge of Korea to the world and a knowledge of the world to Korea.