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  • Jo, EunKyung Associate Professor

    Tel 02-705-4742
    Email eunkyoung@sogang.ac.kr
    Specialty Data Science for Korean Studies, Korean Language and Information, Language Technology
    Room No. X407


Education and Career

Professor Jo received a bachelor's degree from Yonsei University, two master's degrees from Yonsei Univ. and Sogang Univ., and a doctorate from Yonsei University. Before she came into Sogang University as a teacher, she worked for the dept. of Language Engineering in ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), the search portal division in Daum Communication[ currently Kakao] and the Advanced Research & Development Team in Samsung Electronics. She conducted research and development on Korean information processing, specifically text mining, search ranking modeling, dialogue engine, and search contents development. Recently, she has been conducting research that combines data science and Korean language knowledge to extract and quantify important language content from a large volume of texts and to extract related knowledge. Against this backdrop, language has expressed human thinking, has become a means of social communication and has developed a knowledge system. In today's digital society, language is not only a means of communication and knowledge system development but also fundamental resources to become more data. This is because of why she focuses on language studies.

An article about this: 2016 July,  "The Values of Digital Society and the Research Methods of Language ", in Korean,  Language and Information Society  28,   https://www.kci.go.kr/kciportal/ci/sereArticleSearch/ciSereArtiView.kci?sereArticleSearchBean.artiId=ART002132041



Courses and Teaching topics


Data Science in Korean Studies

Programming education (for Korean Studies)

Computational Korean linguistics with deep learning


Fundamentals of Computer Science for Korean Studies

Big Data Analysis in Korean Studies: Graduate & Undergraduate

Data & AI ( for undergraduates)

Introduction to Korean Sociolinguistics

Seminar in Advanced Data Science for Korean Studies: for graduate



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