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  • Wayne de Fremery Associate Professor

    Tel +82-2-704-7975
    Email wdefremery@gmail.com
    Specialty Korean Literature, Bibliography, Digital Humanities, Information Science
    Room No. Retired in Feb. 2022.

Wayne is currently an associate professor in the School of Media, Arts, and Science and Director of the Korea Text Initiative at the Cambridge Institute for the Study of Korea in Cambridge, Massachusetts (http://www.koreatext.org/). He also represents the Korean National Body at ISO as Convener of a working group on document description, processing languages, and semantic metadata (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 WG 9). Wayne’s research integrates approaches from literary studies, bibliography, and design, as well as information science and artificial intelligence. Recent articles and book chapters by Wayne have appeared in the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (2021), Translation Review (2021), Enthymema (2020), The Materiality of Reading (Aarhus University Press, 2020), A Companion to World Literature (Ken Seigneurie ed., Wiley-Blackwell2020), and Library Hi-Tech (2020). Wayne’s bibliographical study of Chindallaekkot (Azaleas), a canonical book of modern Korean poetry, appeared in 2014 from Somy?ng Publishing. In 2011, his book-length translation of poetry by Jeongrye Choi, Instances, appeared from Parlor Press. Books designed and produced by Wayne have appeared from the Korea Institute at Harvard University, the University of Washington Press, and Tamal Vista Publications, an award-winning press he ran before joining the faculty of Sogang University. Wayne’s artwork has appeared at several conferences and exhibitions, including HCI Korea 2014, DAW BioArt Seoul 2015, the Corner Gallery (Seoul 2019), and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich, 2021). Films produced by Wayne have been screened at the Korean Society of Media & Arts (2021) and the Moving Image Technology Association of Korea (2020). Some of his recent research projects have concerned the use of deep learning to improve Korean optical character recognition (funded by the National Library of Korea), for which he received a national citation of merit. Wayne’s degrees are from Whitman College, Seoul National University, and Harvard.

Website Url http://www.pwdef.info/index.html

Books and Book-Length Translations

W?bon “Chindallaekkot” s?ji y?n’gu 원본『진달내꽃』『진달내_꽃』서지 연구 (A bibliographic study of the two issues of Azaleas [by Kim So-w?l]). With ?m Tong-s?p. Seoul: Somy?ng Ch’ulp’ansa, 2014. 

Jeongrye Choi. Instances: Selected Poems. Translated with Brenda Hillman and Jeongrye Choi. West Lafayette: Parlor Press, 2011.

In progress

Bibliographical Foundations of Information Science


Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Reviews, & Other (mostly print) Publications (selected)

“Copy Theory.” Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (2021): 1–12. With Michael Buckland.

“Twenty-First-Century Pleasures—Some Notes on Form, Media Transformation, and Korean Literary Translation.” Translation Review 108 no. 1 (2021): 78–103.

“Digital Humanities in the iSchool.” Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (2021):1–16. With John A. Walsh, Peter J. Cobb, Koraljka Golub, Humphrey Keah, Jeonghyun Kim, Joseph Kiplang’at, Ying Hsang Liu, Simon Mahony, Sam G. Oh, Chris Alen Sula, Ted Underwood, and Xiaoguang Wang.

“Abstracting Digital Documents to Think about Cultural Preservation." SI Magazine, Swiss Informatics Society, https://magazine.swissinformatics.org/en/digital-documents-and-cultural-preservation/

“Literary Phenomena and Alternative Encounters.” In On Media, On Technology, On Life—Interviews with Innovators. Edited by Arthur Clay and Timothy J. Senior. Gistrup, Denmark, River Publishers, 99–114.

“Teach, Delight, Inspire—Experiences with Kim Sowol's Jindallaekkot  (Azaleas) as a Printed Facsimile, Printed Critical Edition, Web Presentation, and Virtual Reality Experience.” Enthymema 26 (2020): 136–155. With Jusub Kim. 

“Designing a Virtual Reality Environment for Reading Literature.” In The Materiality of Reading. Edited by Theresa Schilhab and Sue Walker. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 67–93. With Federico Pianzola.

“Monitoring the Online Antiquarian Book Trade: The Public Good and Textual Heritage in South Korea.” Library Hi Tech 39 no. 1 (2020): 233–248. With Seonghun Kim, Seulki Do, Sangeun Han, and Sam G. Oh.

“Korean Sijo and Kasa as Boundary Objects.” In A Companion to World Literature, 3:1455–1469. Edited by Ken Seigneurie et al. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, 2020.

“The Future of Adan Mun’go’s Digital Archive: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at Adan Mun’go.” Muncha wa sasang 3 (2018): 107–115.

“Remodeling Creation—The July 1922 Issue of Kaeby?k Magazine.” Journal of Korean Studies 20, no. 2 (Fall 2015): 415–457. With Sanghun Kim.

“Reprinting ‘Azaleas’—A Meditation on Volume and Volumes.” AZALEA: Journal of Korean Literature and Culture 8 (2015):366–402. With Sanghun Kim.

“Before the Coherent Plot: Kim So-w?l’s Editors, 1920–1925.” Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 27, no. 1 (June 2014): 59–74.

“Kim So-w?l’s Chindallaekkot (Azaleas) as an Immersive Environment.” Acta Koreana 17, no. 1 (June 2014): 5–27. With Jusub Kim.

“Printshops, Pressmen, and the Poetic Page in Colonial Korea.” Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review 3, no. 9 (May 2014): 185–229.

“Dance of Anguish: Poetic Texts from 1920s Korea.” Cross-Currents E-Journal: East Asian History and Culture Review no. 9 (December 2013): 146–148.

“Algorij?m kiban modelling ?l iyonghan si sigakhwa pangb?p y?n’gu 알고리즘 기반 모델링을 이용한 시 시각화 방법 연구 (Experimental visualizations of Korean poetry using procedural modeling).” Journal of Digital Design 13, no. 4 (2013): 61–70. With Jusub Kim.



Image Text Search and Retrieval System. US Patent 9,483,694 B2. Filed January 26, 2014. Received November 2016. With Sanghun Kim.  

L-sis?t'em ?l iyonghan si t'eks?t? sikakhwa pangb?p L시스템을 이용한 시 텍스트 시각화 방법 (A method for visualizing poetic texts using L-systems). South Korean Patent 10-1543634. Filed October 24, 2013. Received August 2015. With Jusub Kim.

Imaging Device. US Patent 9,083,839 B2. Filed January 15, 2013. Received July 2015. With John Young.   


Films, Art Installations & Exhibitions

“Awareness of the Mechanism.” An exhibit of Korean poetry modeled and printed in 3D held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland. (September 2021)

Producer, Byeokkyesu, a documentary short film screened at the 2021 KOSMA (Korean Society of Media & Arts  MITAK) Spring Symposium, Seoul, South Korea. Directed by Michael Unger. (May 2021)

Producer, Sookkyung and Jini, a documentary short film screened at the 19th MITAK (Moving Image Technology Association of Korea) Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea. Directed by Michael Unger. (November 2020)

“Sijo Reborn as Data.” Solo exhibition describing the historical shapes and new artistic possibilities of sijo, a traditional Korean verse/song form, held at the Corner Gallery, Seoul, South Korea. (October 2019)

“Technologies of Memory and Loss.” Installation of poetry modeled and printed in 3D at DAW BioArt Seoul 2015 held at the Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwacheon, South Korea. Curated by Arthur Clay. (November 2015)

“Technologies of Memory and Loss.” Installation of poetry modeled and printed in 3D at Biocon Tech Fair 2015 held at the Kyunggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Pangyo, South Korea. Curated by Arthur Clay. (July 2015)

“Nature Never—Chindallaekkot (Azaleas).” Exhibition of a canonical book of modern Korean poetry modeled as an immersive forest. HCI Korea 2014, Seoul, South Korea. With Jusub Kim. (December 2014)

“Nature Never—Chindallaekkot (Azaleas).” Exhibition of a canonical book of modern Korean poetry modeled as an immersive forest. Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, Columbia College, Chicago, USA. With Jusub Kim. (July 2014)


Research, Teaching, Publishing, & Translation Awards

[South Korean] Ministry of  Culture, Sports, and Tourism Citation for contribution to the development of the National Library of Korea. Related to research done on deep learning approaches to automated text encoding of Korean materials  (2020)

National Library of Korea Research Grant, “Improving Automated Text Encoding of Korean Materials—a Deep Learning Approach” (2020)

Korean Literature Translation Institute Award to the Korea Text Initiative to support Sijo—an international journal of poetry and song (2019)

Korean Literature Translation Institute Award to the Korea Text Initiative to support Sijo—Blue Streams of Tradition, a documentary short film about the Korean art form known as sijo (2019)

Seagate Data for Good Award to support “Sijo Reborn as Data,” an exhibition at the Corner Gallery, Seoul (2019)

Pushcart Prize nomination for translation of the poem “Winter Strawberries” by Jeongrye Choi (2018)

Microsoft Cloud for Good Grant to the Korea Text Initiative for Project Mo文oN (2016-2019)


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