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Student Reps

  • Dongkyu Kwon Head TA

    Email kwondkd7@gmail.com



Hello, I am Dongkyu, currently a master's student in the Department of Global Korean Studies.

Highly interested in Development Studies, I am trying to integrate approaches from labor studies, political economy, and ethics, as well as social science and geopolitics. Through the lessons from the unique experience of Korean development within world history, my aim is to contribute to the poverty reduction worldwide. 

  • 제아현 Students Reps. in undergraduate

    Email jah020802@gmail.com


Hello, my name is 제아현, 2022 student representative of the Global Korean Studies major.
Based on my love for Korea, I am interested in studying Korean cultural contents from a general perspective of Korean studies and diplomacy.
As Korea grows into a cultural powerhouse, the importance of Korean cultural research will grow, and the value of global Korean studies will continue to increase.
As a student representative, I will do my best for students so that it will be helpful for the future of Sogang University's Global Korean Studies major.


  • 이수연 Students Vice Reps. in undergraduate

    Email sharon2606@naver.com


Hello, I'm 이수연, 2022 vice student representative of the Global Korean Studies major.

I am interested in studying Korean diplomacy and globalization of Korean culture based on the interest in Korea's position in the world and the image and identity of Korea seen by people around the world.
Korea is located in the world, showing strength in various technology and cultural contents.
At the same time, I think the meaning of Korean studies to think and study various aspects of Korea will grow even more.
As the vice president, I will do my best to make sure that the students of the Global Korean Studies can experience various experiences and live a comfortable life in
Global Korean Studies.